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Tow launched flight are the biggest advantage that Space Apple has over other training schools.  It simply means we do not waste a day even if the winds are too light or from the wrong direction.  Even when the winds are 'just right', we will often forego the efforts of climbing the hill to take a short flight and opt to spend the day at the beach  enjoying leisurely tow launched flights up to 1000' or more above launch, then landing right back where you took off from.


For beginners on solo flights, tow launched flight 'bridges the gap' between the typical training hill flight where you may not be able to escape natural obstacles at takeoff and landing.  We first tow to lower elevations, then progressively to altitudes as high as 1500', our students gradually gain high altitude experience before launching from a 'mountain' site.

For group tandem flights, tow launching from a sandy beach has proven to be the easiest and safest way to first experience paragliding flight. Launching from the flat ground and gently ascending to altitude eliminates any nervousness associated with running down a hillside to get airborne. Also for those with a possible fear of heights, we can keep you at any elevation you feel comfortable with, climbing higher only after you give us the OK.  Check our video link.


XC Towing:

Another towing opportunity for more advanced pilots is XC towing. Fortunately we are blessed with over 20 kms of sea beach and huge open paddy fields. We occasionally venture out to these open fields, where the object of your tow launched flight becomes not landing as close, but as far away from launch as possible! Using the thermal currents of the air, pilots can easily climb up over the flats and head for a cross country flight without having to worry about getting above or away from a mountain. Though not as challenging as XC flight from a hill you get used to the idea early in your training. 


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Winch Flight Video Link

How it works:

We use a static pull in winch. The pilot is attached to a rope which is connected to a drum. The drum rotates and pulls in the line thus pulling the pilot and his glider up like a kite. At desired height the winch operator reduces the power. The pilot detaches himself from the rope or towline. Once the pilot releases from the towline, he/she is free to fly off in any direction he chooses, and the tow operator will reel the extended line back into the drum and get ready for next pilot.

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