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Videos uploaded on You tube- Click on the links below


First day training session. Check out how students learn to ground handle the wings on the first day


Second and third sessions involves hand tow hops or bunny hops from gentle slopes to get you ready for you solo flights


Hand tow Session on the beach for control/landing


Reverse ground training session on the beach


Reverse ground training at landing zone of  Black beauty


Forward and reverse ground handling practice


Winch based paragliding demo flight


New student on a winch


Tandem joyride flight at Black Beauty, takeoff and landing clip


Tandem at Vagamon, Kerala. -  takeoff and landing clip


Space Apple old students Video – Flying and landing clips


Space Apple old students Video – takeoff, flying and landing clips


P1 Student Darshit’s  flight at Black Beauty during basic course – full flight


P1 Student Pranav's first solo flight on a winch at Virar during Basic course – full flight


Pranav's first solo hill flight at Sydney hill  during his basic course – full flight


Sydney hill  flying in East winds  - full flight


Paragliding landing Videos


Monsoon trek at Tungareshwar with - Willy kids




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