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Virar is the closest and the best place near Mumbai for paragliding training. Being a coastal area the winds at Virar are laminar, predictable and ideal for aviation sports.


Early morning and evening winds are suitable for beginners, mid and early afternoon conditions are perfect for advance flyers.




Reverse Ground Handling










   Basic Course      

 Intermediate Course    

Advance Flying Techniques

Black Beauty, Tungareshwar,

Twin Rock hill, Kaner hills

are the known  location

for hill flying In Virar.  


Advance Flying Techniques

Enjoying the Flight

Virar is the only place near Mumbai with so many choices all in a radius of about 6 kms. Virar has hundreds of acres of open land where winch based training is conducted.

In absence of regulations in India we follow the APPI guidelines for training.


There are three courses to complete your training till intermediate level.


1. The basic course or  EP/P1 course for 3 days.


2. CP/P2 course for 5 days.


3. Advance flying  or Certification courses. This training is weather dependent and can be scheduled after completing the required tasks of previous two courses.


Apart from this we also have short term courses.



Winching is another method used for paragliding training and Space Apple is equipped with pull in static winch as well as a payout winch. The huge coast of over 20 kms is ideal for advance paragliding ground training, paramotoring training, power kiting and parasailing.



Call Us - 9822499281, 9822311459. Land Line - 0250-2586764.  email - samsondsilva@gmail.com, pgvirar@gmail.com

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