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It is every individual’s dream to fly like a free bird. Up in the sky and as far as the horizon. We would all like to see the nature’s beauty from high up above. Is it ever possible to do such a thing without knowing to fly. Yes, it is possible to attain your dreams to fly and enjoy the scenic beauty of the mother earth with the help of Paragliding.

For those of you who do not have time to learn Paragliding. may try out a flight with an experienced Instructor or a Pilot. Joy rides can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a lifetime experience going up in the sky with the silence of a bird. Behold the sight from 1000 feet or more; it looks marvelous.

For a Joy ride we use a large glider designed to carry two people, one instructor and a passenger. The Instructor is seated behind the passenger and controls the glider. Once up in the sky, the pilot can easily talk to the passenger and show him around, explain the controls. If the conditions are right and the passenger is willing, the pilot can let the passenger control the glider just to experience the feeling of flying. Do bring your camera because this is an everlasting memory.

Before going for a flight whether training or joyriding you are required to assume the risk and sign an Indemnity bond. You may get your doubts cleared about the risk factors from one of the Instructors.

We conduct planned Joyriding camps on advance booking for groups. The flying camps are usually organised at the beach or open flatland. One can combine these activities with other activities of our club. One can also tie-up with a resort for lunch and other facilities during this outing.

Joyride Charges

Hill Joyrides - Rs.2500/- per flight, Winch based Joyrides - Rs.1750/- per flight


Paramotor Trike flying - Rs.2500/- per flight


Tandem Joyride Video Link - Hill based flying , Winch based flying - Winching



What is the age limit  and physical fitness for going Joy riding?

Children above 5 years and adults age upto their medical fitness. Physically one should be able to run for hundred feet to prove his fitness level. If you are too scared to jump off

(We have given joyrides to people upto 70 years of age)

How high one can go during a Joy ride?

The height depends on primarily weather and the height of the hill. Higher the hill higher is the height attained. On a thousand feet hill one can go almost upto 2000 feet.

It is scary to fly high and that too for the first time?

No, not at all. The Paraglider flies ever so gently. There are no sudden ups and downs or jerks of any kind. The take-off and landing is also very gentle. So far none of the joy riders have complained about being scared in flight. It is sheer enjoyment.

What about people who have fear of heights?

It still does not matter. Such people a generally frightened just before the take-off and their comfort level goes up the moment they are air-borne. Within 2 minutes they feel at home despite an open view of 360 degrees. This is a guarantee from us.

Can you demonstrate a joyride flight to help me make up my mind?

We regularly take people for joyrides. You may join us at that time. Keep in touch, we will tell you when we are going next.

Will you offer joyride if I am alone?

Yes, we may, provided there is already a training session going on simultaneously. Otherwise it is not economical to organize the entire team and setup for just one joyride.

What is the duration of a Joy ride flight?

The duration of the joyride depends on the wind conditions. If the winds are good one can stay upto 20 to 30 minutes. On a bad day it can be few minutes but even this short flight is worth it if you are going for the first time up in the sky.

What are the general instructions for a Joy rider?

You will be strapped to a harness in front of the Pilot. During the take-off you will be required to run a few steps. While landing you are required to stretch you legs out and get prepared to run a few steps the moment you touch down.

What about transportation to the flying site?

We expect that you get your own vehicle. If you have none than we can accommodate upto 2 people in our jeep.

Can two passengers go up in the same flight.

No. Only one passenger at a time can go up along with an experienced tandem pilot in a single flight.

Any forms to be filled before the flight?

Yes, we expect you to sign the Joy rider's indemnity bond just before you take-off. It is expected that you read and understand the indemnity bond carefully and make an informed decision.













Which is the best season for Joy ride flying?

The season for joyriding starts soon after the monsoon and extends up to the month of May.

What are the minimum and the maximum number of people required for booking Joy ride session?

For hill joy rides, we require a minimum of 2 people and maximum of 6 per day. (The number of flights and flight duration is subject to weather conditions)

Do you have a fixed schedule for joyride flying?

No. But we will be able to let you know in advance on your email as and when we are conducting joyride flying. Please send us an email requesting for enrolling you on the list of joy riders.

Can you organise a Joy ride camp close to our place?

Yes, almost anywhere in India provided there is a huge unobstructed ground available to do winch launched joyrides close to your place. Or on suitable hills. The cost of transportation will be at actuals.

What types of places are suitable for Joy ride camps?

Joy riding can be conducted either on any huge plain ground like a mini runway, measuring a distance of at least 800 meters or on the hills where paragliders are flown regularly.

How many days in advance is the booking accepted?

You may take a chance any time. But for a confirmed booking, at least a week in advance.

Is there any concession for a group booking?

Yes, depending on the number of people in the group.

What are the risks involved?

Though we have not had a single accident so far in seven years of our joyride or training flights, but the similar risks that are involved in any aircraft flight should be assumed. We take all the safety precautions and if conditions do not permit we may not even launch or cancel the program. We do not take chances.

Which place in your opinion is best to organise a group joy ride camp?

Panchgani table land. It is the most wonderful site to fly from. The tableland is already at a height of 2000 feet from the ground level. The winch tow helps us to attain another 1000 feet. This gives us a beautiful view of 3000 feet. You should see to believe it. A flight from this place could be one of the most wonderful and unforgettable moments in your life. Kamshet near Lonavala is another site for a good tandem ride.

What are the overnight camping facilities available at Panchgani?

There are many hotels offering lodging and boarding facilities. But if you are an adventure minded person than you should not miss staying at the Eco camp. Mr Andre, offers beautiful tents with all the basic amenities for an over-night camp. The tents are situated at a very beautiful location overlooking a huge valley of 1000 feet deep and at the bottom of which is a huge lake. Eco camp is surrounded by beautiful hills. The temperature usually remains cool because of thick forest cover.

So far how many people have been given joyrides by your pilots?

In the past four years, we estimate at least 2000 people have enjoyed joyriding with us.


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