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It was a belief in the future of Paragliding that made Samson leave his lucrative job and think of looking at paragliding as his next profession The approach was systematic with alternate source of income on weekdays, as initially the activity was limited to weekends. As in any kind of business there was uncertainty the sport was not self sustaining. The equipment is expensive and has to be replenished every year. Since the sport is not regulated in India the syllabus, safety standards teaching methodology and courses had to evolve every year. Flying sites are not developed in terms of approach roads and site regulations.

The sport even though cheap and safe as compared to any other form of personal flying is expensive as per Indian standards. We have a catch twenty-two situations as those interested either do not have time or money. Amongst those who can afford the sport, majority is of those who are interested in glamour associated with it. Fortunately the sport is easy to learn and quite forgiving at a beginner level. This combination has resulted in short term courses as an introduction to the sport.  So the clubs as well as students are exposed to mishaps and incidences which may have negative impact on the sport. At Space Apple we restrict the number of new students in a batch to three persons, thus improving our safety standard.

Paragliding scene in India
There are a few Paragliding schools in India where you can safely learn paragliding. Everyone likes to claim that they are the best. Some even claim that they are only authorised school and can issue license. The fact is that the sport is not yet been regulated by any government body and as of now no license is needed to fly at most places in India. Aero club of India issues sporting licenses to those who wish to participate in international competitions. The good thing is that every school was started with good intentions has one or two good flyers who over a period of time have become good instructors. Some of them have gone abroad and got their personal certifications and licenses.

How to choose the right School
    So what should you look for in the school and instructors? If you have time the best thing is to visit the training site. Check how big is the batch size and the instructor to student ratio. Have a look at the equipment being used. Check the safety measure and ask about protocol in case of accidents and emergencies. Interact with past students.

    At Space Apple we enjoy teaching. It gives us pleasure to share this excellent sport with those who are keen on learning to fly. Our philosophy is to train students to the highest and safest standard while providing excellent value for money.

   We have option of introducing people to the sport with one day training or a tandem ride which is affordable but we specialize in and enjoy taking a complete beginner and molding  him/her into a fully-fledged pilot. We also offer our equipment for flying after the course is over and also advise on and supply all the equipment that a person will need. 

Once you're with Space Apple, you're in for life! Many of our students have become our good friends, traveling with us whenever we go on business tours, getting themselves into many adventures. It's like being  in a different community, you need to meet us with our other students to understand what we mean...



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