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The club house was developed in 2008. It is about 700 sq feet of fully furnished area.  Functional kitchen, refrigerator, washing machine and other essential amenities are in place. It can accommodate over 15 guests at a time.  There is 24 hour hot and cold water supply and the place is mosquito proof.  


All our aviation and kite workshops are conducted in the club house which is equipped with a home theater to watch training videos, a white board for theory session. Our library has collection of books on aviation for reference. 


The terrace

The club house extends to an open terrace where you could be under the sky. We have tents for those who wish to sleep in the open. The terrace is well suited for maintenance work on the Paragliders and is equipped with pulleys and ropes for the purpose.  It is also the preferred site to test kites and model aircrafts and other sports.


The Garage and glider storage

We have a special room next to our garage for all the equipment. The garage accommodates the paramotors, trikes , landboards and the buggy apart from our vehicles. It is equipped with a tool room for maintenance of paramotor.












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