Space Apple

The flying Dsilvas

Our Advantage:

Though dedicated to paramotoring, Space Apple is into many aviation sports such as paragliding, trike
flying, power kiting, and aeromodelling.
The Chief Instructor enjoys teaching and has been training since 1998. The training team has two 
Senior Instructors and two assistant instructors.

Flying sites:

There are several open spaces in Vasai-Virar region for ground handling practice. Our main training is a
huge abandoned salt pan with no obstruction to takeoff land land in any direction. Apart from this we
also have a huge coastline that can be used in early morning hours before the tourist gather on the
All our sites are motorable till the takeoff spot. We believe in good quality personal training with
maximum two new students at a time. We are the only school that operates from this flying site. We
obtain all necessary NOC’s and permission for our air sport activities.

Winching Advantage :

For those who need introduction of hill flying before taking lessons for paramotoring we use a static pull
in winch .In winch based flying, the takeoff is from a flat ground, instead of hill. So you do not have to
climb hill to perfect your landings. This saves time and energy while learning the basic skills. You also
end up getting more flights in training.
Vasai- Virar also has a huge coast of over 20 kms which is ideal for paragliding and paramotoring
training. All this add up to your advantage as we rarely have to cancel or postpone training due to bad

Space Apple

Has its base in coastal village of Vasai Taluka. Our location is closest and the best place near Mumbai for
paramotoring training and joyrides. Being a coastal area the winds in the region are laminar and
predictable especially in the morning and evening hours of the day. We are easily accessible by road as
well as railway network.

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