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Paramotoring FAQ's

General questions about paramotoring

What is Paramotoring?

Paramotoring is paragliding with power. A two-stroke engine with a propeller is attached to the back of the pilot along with the paraglider. With the help of a throttle the pilot accelerates the engine and gets pushed forward. The paraglider inflates and starts generating lift proportional to the thrust of the engine. After gaining the desired altitude the pilot reduces the amount of throttle and cruises. He can control his rate of ascent, decent, turning, landing etc. A Paramotor is termed as one of the smallest aircraft in the world. It is capable of traveling long distances, gaining great heights like 10,000 feet if not more and staying up for hours together. Unlike other conventional powered aircraft it is capable of taking off and landing in small open fields.

Where can I Buy A Paramotor? How much do they Cost?

These paramotors are imported since none of them are manufactured in India as of now. A complete set of single seater, which includes a paramotor, glider, and a harness would costs around Rs 5.00 lakh

What is the weight of the paramotor? Is it heavy for the Back?

Single seater paramotor weigh approx. 18 to 25 kgs. In the beginning it may feel heavy. It’s just a matter of getting used to it. Carrying the paramotor on the back, we sometimes walk almost half a kilometer to the car park, after landing, You get inside the harness half a minute before the take-off and once taken off the paraglider holds the weight of the engine independently. During flight there is no engine load on the pilo

Can anyboy learn to fly paramotor?

Yes, almost everybody provided you are more than 18 years old and in good physically condition. It is recommended that one completes the non-powered paragliding course before taking up paramotoring. Paramotoring also demands knowledge on meteorology, theory of flight, air navigation, and air regulations. It is important that you learn from a qualified and experienced Instruct