Space Apple

Paramotoring Joyrides

It is every individual’s dream to fly like a free bird. Up in the sky and as far as the horizon. We would all like to see the nature’s beauty from high up above. Is it ever possible to do such a thing without knowing to fly. Yes, it is possible to attain your dreams to fly and enjoy the scenic beauty of the mother earth with the help of Paragliding.

For those of you who do not have time to learn Paramotoring, may try out a flight with an experienced Instructor or a Pilot. Joy rides can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a lifetime experience going up in the sky with the silence of a bird. Behold the sight from 1000 feet or more; it looks marvelous.

For a Joy ride we use a large glider designed to carry two people, one instructor and a passenger. The Instructor is seated behind the passenger and controls the glider. Once up in the sky, the pilot can easily talk to the passenger and show him around, explain the controls. If the conditions are right and the passenger is willing, the pilot can let the passenger control the glider just to experience the feeling of flying. Do bring your camera because this is an everlasting memory