Basic EP-P1 Paragliding course

This course is for those who have done some homework and decided to learn the sport.

The Basic course is the first step towards making your dream of flying come true. It is a great feeling to be up in the air, enjoy the freedom experienced by the birds and get a sense of achievement. We follow a training syllabus.

Here’s how the course works: 

Ground School
You will start with the ground school. We allot you your individual flying kit for training. There will be short brief on the theory of flying. We will explain why things fly and how the glider is designed. This way you will know not only what to do but how it works and why. You’ll get a set of notes specifically written for this course that will help you review what you learn on the field.

Ground Handling
Ground handling is where you run with the glider on flat ground. You do this so that you can practice: inflating the glider, running with it, staying centered, making turns and slowing down. In short, practicing, all the basic elements of a flight before you even leave the ground. Becoming proficient in these fundamentals is the most important part of this course. When you find that you can consistently inflate the glider, run with it, steer smoothly and slow the glider down, you’ll be ready for your next level of getting lifted off your feet.

Confident is how you want to feel while leaving the ground and that’s where the instructor plays an important role. You’ll be glad that you came to Space Apple for training as we do not train big groups but give individual training. You are trained to takeoff independently without assistance. You will begin with short hops from small heights and then graduate to proper solo hill flight. You’ll have flight plan for each flight so you’ll know what to do and your instructor will guide you on the radio as you fly. Depending on the weather conditions and the hill we use, your initial flights will be of two to five minutes duration. You’ll get a number of flights to practice launching, steering, landing and just enjoying the sheer pleasure of being airborne!


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