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One day paragliding Orientation Course


Why do we have this course?

We regularly get emails and phone calls for information about paragliding.  After getting their queries answered and learning about the basic course, only a handful people join for a proper course. Reasons we assume maybe: cost implications, time constrain, apprehension, lack of burning desire or simply procrastination.

Statistics also shows that less than 10 percent of the people who undergo P1 training continue with the sport. So about 90 percent people spending time and money doing P1 course to realize they do not want to continue paragliding. 

Our customized workshop of half a day or a full day orientation course is an ideal solution to address this issue. The intention of these courses is to provide you with an opportunity to indulge in the sport and help take decision about pursuing the sport further without spending much of your hard earned money. If you immediately sign up for a P1 course this amount too is adjusted against the P1 course fees.

What do you achieve in such short period?

You get to understand and experience the thrill of paragliding by spending less time, less money. If you are good with your motor skills you will manage a few tethered flights at a low height and on the beach to give you the feel of flight with almost no risks. Apart from paragliding you also get to spend some time with power kites. The exposure to these sports, interaction with qualified instructors, the photographs for your face book page make this a value for money package.


What is the difference between half a day and a full day session?

Obvious is the time duration of the workshop and so will be the cost. Other than that during the full day we have a theory, video and a simulator session.  In full day in case you are unable to have a tethered hop we give you a tandem joyride so flying is guaranteed. Your age, weight and physical health is criteria taken into consideration before enrollment. There is no time for a theory session in a half day session, you see a demo and straight away get strapped on to a harness for a hands on experience.  In both sessions we manage to get some pictures for you to share on face book. In both sessions you also get to spend some time with power kites.



Where is this organised?

Our location is our biggest USP. We are located in Virar, closest place to Mumbai for paragliding. Arnala beach is about 3kms from our clubhouse and has a nice sandy slopes ideal for these training sessions. Our expertise in winched based paragliding, parasailing, power kites and other aviation adventures sports help us in giving our clients a unique experience.


How to join and the course fees?

To make this cost effective and enjoyable for participants we take minimum batch of two persons and maximum four persons. You book for the course in advance using our payment options.


Charges for half day (3:00pm till sunset) is Rs.3750/-Charges for a full day session is Rs.6, 000/-.




Hand Tow Winch Video


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