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In India paragliding is not yet regulated by any body. We do not need any license to fly. This does not mean one can fly anywhere. One cannot fly in sensitive and restricted areas. You may be stopped by local clubs from flying their site if they feel you do not have adequate experience.


Certification course as the name suggests certifies you for flying at various sites independently. In this course, you are given certain tasks which you practice and are logged in your certification book. The instructor will supervise and endorse these tasks in your book.


The requirement is completion of P1 and P2 courses and ownership of entire flying kit. As you can understand you will use your personal equipment for the task. You should have completed over 50 flights at various local sites before you join for this course. Apart from completing the tasks in the certification book you will also have to appear for a written and oral tests from the syllabus provided to you.



Sid's independent takeoff at Wagamon

Charges: The charges are minimal and will depend on efforts and time and actual expenses incurred by the Chief instructor for overseeing the tasks being completed


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