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All it needed was a dream and a desire to fly like a bird for mankind to take to the skies.    If you wish to, you too can experience this today.... 




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Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors


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With the help of  paragliders and guidance of experienced instructors you can enjoy the thrill and adrenalin rush experienced by the pioneers of aviation.

The closest club near Mumbai to learn paragliding and paramotoring is Space Apple at Virar. Virar is blessed with hills and sea breeze providing ideal terrain and wind conditions for aviation sports.

Samson D'silva the chief instructor of Space Apple has over fifteen years of experience and has been indulging into various aviation sports such as paragliding, paramotoring, power kiting, parasailing and aeromodelling.

Space Apple offers basic,  intermediate and advance courses in paragliding. The club offers hill flying as well as winch based flights. The most important skill to master in paragliding is ground handling. Every student who continues paragliding after the basic course is given special training in ground handling which drastically reduces the risks at takeoffs and landings.


Safety should be a prime concern when indulging into adventure sports, hence we limit our batch size to maximum 4 students. Instructors and students enjoy the sport in a stress free environment.


Call Us- 9822499281, 9822311459. Land Line - 0250-2586764.  email - samsondsilva@gmail.com, pgvirar@gmail.com